Medical Tourism in India - A Doctor's Analysis

We are a group of dedicated, compassionate doctors who wish to provide our patients with state of art yet cost effective treatment. Having lot of experience in treating variety of patients, we understand and empathize with the distress of our patients and anxiety of their relatives. We at DOCTORS DIRECT believe in ethical & cost effective treatment for our patients. We have started this endeavour to bring patients & doctors together in direct & trust worthy relationship, which medicine, actually, is all about.

Our Doctors

We have highly trained experienced doctors who are at their best in providing best results to their patients.


We're committed to providing a high-quality facilities that exceeds expectations with the top-notch treatment you deserve.

Your Treatment Plan

DOCTORS DIRECT provides the most comprehensive medical treatment plans for all patients planning to visit us for their medical treatment. Every patient has different needs and expectations, our team of expert doctors will help you to get the best possible treatment.

To get a cost estimate(quote) for your treatment please click the "Get A Quote" button. If you already received your quote and want to plan your trip, please click the "Plan Your Trip" button. To know more how this process works visit medical tourism section.